LED MIrrors 03-12 600rr 04-07 1000rr

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The mirrors we use are as close to OEM as possible without the $500 price tag.  We use Emgo mirrors for this.  Emgo's retail for $300 for the 1000rr mirrors so consider this when you are seeing the final price.  The knock off 1000rr mirrors cannot be used, the pivot point will become lose over time and the mirrors will move around on you.  Emgo mirrors are great and will increase your visibility when signaling and when looking through the glass at what's behind you.


OEM quality signal mirrors which Includes base plate: These will fit 03-12 600rr 04-07 1000rr. Signal mirrors come with amber accent led's and amber filament bulb
$300 Comes with 3 pin male plug wired in to plug into stock front signals female plug and bolts to install to fairing stay. "Euro bikes with Hazards note you have this and we will wire a 2 pin quick connect plug and you will need to tap in the Accent power to the third eye power to give you accent running lights" or you can have the accent led's function as signals and it will remain plug n play.

"ADD-ON" Upgrades:
"Accent" Side amber led stock "Accent" running lights changed to another color +$10 (color led to choose) Red,Green,Blue,Orange,White,(UV ULTRA Violet),Pink
"Amber Led signal" Stock amber filament bulbs changed to led's shining amber +$30
"switchback" Stock amber filament bulbs changed to switch back led's. White running light ( when signal is turned on amber will turn on and white will turn off) This will give you white running lights all the time and amber signals using the same led. +$60
"Y" plug" has one male 3 pin and 2 female 3 pins to make your mirrors plug into the stock front signals you already have. NO CUTTING/SPLICING of stock wiring. $40 if you have hazards function on your bike select the 2 pin "Y" plug 

Review of mirrors as well as video of mirrors in use.


Install of led mirrors with white accent switchback led's and "Y" plugs used to make this plug n play:

Please do not torque the bolts on, these use ABS base plates and can crack if bolts are too tight. 


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