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Here I will try and answer many of the questions we receive through email/pm/phone/facebook/instagram:  If you have a question please ask, if something isn't quite clear let us know and we can explain it.


If there is something wrong with my order how will I know?

We communicate much faster through email than any other means.  You will be contacted by the email address we have on file with your order/question please do not block our emails.  We do not spam.  Sales@Tripageled.com Tristan@Tripageled.com


What is your shipping info?

Tristan Page
10418 Lakeshore Dr
Clermont FL 34711

What do you need to include with your parts?

Please include with your pegs or parts:
Name, email address, return address, order number, LED color(s) (Red,Amber ect) Detailed
description of your order and powder coat color (if you are getting powder coat).
Also note that your box and shipping material will be reused for return
shipping, so please package accordingly. Bolts need to be bagged and qty noted on outside so
we know how many parts should have arrive and how many are being shipped back to you.
If this info is not included with parts your time frame for return shipping will be delayed.

Who do we ship with?

We use USPS on most occasions. 

Can we overnight or ship package faster?

Most products are built to order and have a turn around time listed on the site.  If you need something on a specific date we can expedite the order faster and/or ship faster for an additional fee.

How do I know when my order is being sent to me?

Orders are completed in the order received and/or the order placed through the site.  You will be notified by stamps.com/usps.com by email notification when your package has been shipped out or being returned to you after modification, "Please check your junk mail for notification before emailing us about where your package is"  We do not work for USPS/UPS/FEDEX if a package doesn't get delivered on the day it says there is nothing we can do about this, contact the shipping company to complain.  We print the labels and drop off the packages for delivery.  

What is the difference between the STD taillight and the REG taillight?

STD is Standard integrated taillight.  Taillight has running/brakes as well as integrated signals in the light

REG is Regular taillight.   All led's are running/brakes only.  No integrated signals.


Why is the Tripage IT taillight more expensive than others?

Our taillight carries a lifetime warranty. 

Our light is also made/assembled in the U.S. we can't compete with China made assembled products on pricing


What makes Tripage IT taillight different from others made for the 07-12 600rr?

Our taillight is not only designed in the U.S. but it was cut/polished/injected and assembled here in the U.S.

We own the molds for our taillight shells and lens.                                                                                              

All parts are assembled right here in house.                                                                                                         

Our light is the only taillight that is completely plug n play "including the tag light"                                    

Our light is a slim design so your exhaust does not need to be lowered for the light not touch.

Yoshi exhaust is the closest exhaust to the light and is the only one that is recommended to be

lowered so the light is completely visible.                                                                                                     

Features/Customization. With us assembling every light we can change this to meet the customers wants/needs.

If you want red signals instead of amber we can do this.

If you want accent led's installed inside the light we can do this.

If you want to change the color lens later on after owning the light we can do this.

If you order led pegs and the taillight or know you are going to get one or the other

in the future we will make your unit plug n play for the future.

What size led's are used in the led pegs?

We use 3mm led's in the passenger pegs.  We have used 5mm in the past but feel they are too big for most installs and look aftermarket and out of place when completed.  3mm blend much better and appear with a more factory OEM appearance. 

How difficult is the wiring for the led pegs?

This depends on which application you are getting with your led pegs. 

For signals in the pegs you will have 2 wires per peg. 

A positive "red wire" and negative "black wire"

You can join this with your existing signals either filament or led's and the pegs

will turn on when you signal.                                                                                                        

You can remove your signals and use just the led pegs as signals as well.                         

If you have running brakes/signals installed you will have 4 wires per peg.                                                                                    

Black is ground green is running red is brake and white is signal. 

Connecting these accordingly you will have all these options in your pegs to work along with your taillight/signals. 

Can you make it plug n play for me to not have to wire anything?

Yes, in many cases we have done this.  If you want your pegs to work along with your taillight you can send your taillight with your passenger pegs and we will complete the pegs and wire them with quick connect plugs to your taillight.  "Contact for a price quote on this"

Are the led pegs water tight?

Yes the led pegs are sealed from the inside and from the back making them as water resistant as they can be.

Can you do custom installs that are not available on the site?

Yes, we have and can do many installs that are not available on the site, you can enquire about these and we can discus in email what you would like done.  These include but not limit.  Projector headlight installs with all the tricks.  Custom led applications in all types of motorcycle/cars/trucks/boats off-road lighting, high powered led lights, custom one off installs.  If you can think it we can let you know if we can do it. 

What sets Tripage apart from other similar business's?

This all started as a hobby and turned into the side job then turned into a career.  Not many can say they have a job doing something they love to do.  I love what I do.  I hope everyone enjoys our products and knows that without our customers this could never have happened. Thank you to everyone that has been with us for so long.