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This is for a plug n play High powered Black GOLD led replacement bulb and "quick conversion wire to make the headlights DC instead of AC current. 

This led will give you low/high beam function.  When changing over to DC your High beam light will not turn on anymore in your cluster but your light will still have low/high beam function.

50watt 6500 lumen led bulb

Updated pictures show our new black housing so these will be know as Black gold led's.

NOTE: LED bulb will blow if AC current is supplied to them so make sure DC conversion is installed first and check that OEM bulb still functions when this is done before installing the led replacement.  Led's are tested prior to shipping to verify they work.  

NOTE* those with Tyga or Yoshi tag lighting you will need to keep the yellow wire going back to the tag light attached to the factory plug.  These tag lights are AC powered only.

"converting your headlights to DC?"  This is the perfect mod to do this and not have to cut any wires. This will make your headlights stay on constant.  no more dimming lights when you are at a stop light.  When doing this mod you will lose the "high beam" display from the cluster.  The high/low beam will still function but it will not light up on the cluster when the high beam is on. 

1: Remove Yellow connection from socket located behind the right fairing just behind the rear brake reservoir.

2: Insert the open spade connection onto the yellow plug and cover with heat shrink "heat to shrink it" and to protect from shorting.

Using the  "NEW T tap connection" to connect other end of the jumper wire to the "Black" wire on the motorcycle side of the 3 pin connection that the taillight connects to.

To connect remove the grey/black end cap and place the black wire in the "U" channel and then tighten down the connection.  The point inside will pierce the wire and make a connection.  No cutting or tape needed. 

The picture below shows which wire you need to connect to if you cannot see the black wire on the motorcycle side of the plug.  If you view the orientation of the plug you will tap into the blue wire on this taillight shown. 

  Double check that everything is working and then install your Led light.


Installing the Led bulb.


The Delay AC/DC conversion upgrade give you an adjustable time delay that will keep the headlight off after you turn on your key for a delayed time period.  This will give you a chance to start the bike before the light turns on.  Saves the battery from having to turn on extra features until it's running. 

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