500r Third Eye

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Replace your stock bulb with two bright led's. Colors include: White, Amber, Red, UV, Green, Pink, and Blue.

We send you an led replacement, no lens cover.  You can use your stock cover when replacing the third eye with our led lights.

Additional images show different color led's.  These are for color reference only. 

We are now making all plug n play third eyes with vertical plugs.  The led's will remain horizontal but you may have to spin your gray plug in the back of the housing.. If you remove your bulb and see you have a horizontal direction plug, you can use a flat head screw driver to put in the plug and 1/4 turn and push the plug out the rear.  Use some tweezers to grab the plug and pull it back in the housing in close to vertical position.  Then 1/4 turn to lock in place.  Install the led's and your done.  If led's do not light up remove and spin 180 degrees and try again.  They are polarity sensitive.  T

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