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When changing signals to led's you create less of a load on the stock flasher relay and you will get "hyper flash" where the signals flash much faster than normal.  This flasher relay will correct this and return your flash rate back to normal. Plug n Play on a number of motorcycles. This upgraded flasher relay also has 40 available flash options to choose from as well as a self cancelling feature. The self canceling feature will not function when your brake is applied this will allow your signals to keep flashing while sitting at a light.  Once you release  your brake the timer will start and will cancel after the preset time is reached.  If you do not wish to have self cancel you can turn this function off as well as adjust the time until your signals cancel.



Example of wired in flasher relay is 03-06 Honda 600rr

Plug n play for 07-15 Honda 600rr, 04-15 Honda 1000rr, FZ09

Red wire is flasher power

Yellow wire is ouput power to signals

Black wire needs to be grounded to function.

For install instructions view this thread.  This covers most installed as this has the standard flasher relay plug located under the driver seat.  Some models this plug may need to be removed and hardwired in to function.

Visible signals shown:


Video showing Mutli flash with self cancel in action on FZ09.  *Note if attached you can hold your brake and the signals will flash continous, self cancel timer starts when brake is released and will restart again each time it's released.


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