STD "Complete Package" for 07-12 600rr (Turn Signals Built In)

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* If you require shipping to Canada or outside the U.S., please Contact us for a price quote.

Package Includes
*STD IT taillight with running/brakes/signals inside taillight
*Flasher relay to slow flash rate to normal
*Note if you have warning lights already on your bike "hazards" this flasher relay will not work
*Adjustable tag bracket with led lighting

If signals are added with the 90 degree bends your Unit will still be completely plug n play 

Pictures of the signals installed can be seen in additional images section above
 "new signals being used" pictures will be updated shortly.

IT Taillight will fit in the 07-12 tail section that only requires cutting of the battery tray. If you already have a 03-06 modified to fit this will use the same cut you already had on the tray. Taillight will have OEM plugs for taillight and turn signals as well as a quick connect plug for a tag light.Adj tag bracket.  You can also get 90 degree bends on the outer ends to install signals if you would like to keep the signals next to the tag. +$10 for this.  If you are looking to also get Led's installed in your passenger pegs to function with the taillight we can make the led pegs plug n play to the taillight, just contact us and we will get you set up. 

Stock exhaust adjustable tag bracket install:

Average build time is 1-3 business days

Pictures of IT taillights installed on a variety of bikes with a number of exhaust systems can be found here.


If you have a Yoshi exhaust we recommend our lowering bracket to make the taillight completely visible.  This will lower your exhaust.  "All bolt on"

STD IT INSTALL shown with brake flasher installed in taillight "This is an add on option it does not come with this installed without upgrading"

Adjustable tag bracket install for most exhaust minus the wiring, 2 wire connection to taillight, that's it

* Those in the U.S. you will be notified by when your package has shipped out

* If you require shipping to Canada or outside the U.S., please Contact us for a price quote.

*NOTE: This bracket fits U.S tags
** International adjustable FE we remove the sides/bottom of the led light bar to accommodate larger than U.S tags.
If you are unsure of U.S tag sizes.(Frame dimensions: 7-3/16" length x 4-1/4" width Mounting holes, center to center: 5-3/4" x 2-13/16")
***Scorpion and Devil exhaus we need your exhaust strap to modify it to work with the adjustable tag bracket.



Addon brake flasher option:
Brake light flasher features 1000+ different brake light flash options. Will be installed inside the taillight while being assembled, control switch will be wired in making this unit assembled and ready to use

Adjustable install for Stock exhaust/Big Gun Evo $5 Option. (NOTE DRILL HOLE SIZE IS DIFFERENT THAN THE VIDEO SHOWS) We have changed the size of the blind nuts to allow for easier compression of them. Hole size is 9/32 to fit the blind nut in the hole. "supplied" blind nuts can then be installed. "make sure you tighten the blind nuts completely before removing the allen bolt."


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