Dual high/low LED headlights

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 We are receiving many, many orders for these and we are trying to keep up with the demand as best we can.  We have to build these ahead of time and this takes some time, please bare with us as we ramp up our production.  You can still order these even though they say out of stock.  We will fill orders placed with each production run.  

More pictures are coming in showing the look and output of these lights installed as well as reviews.  We will post these for all to see.  Thanks for the feedback we hope you all enjoy your lights.


Please watch the install video completely to see how these likes work/function.

We do have a Tips/Tricks email we can send to you for ways that we have installed these kits on others bikes to make it easier.  

If we do not send this to you please email us for this information.  

Please select from the drop down menu your year/model bike.

If your bike is not listed and you have single low single high beam lighting please contact us and we will see about adding your bike to the list. 

This is a dual LED headlight option.  You will have low for both sides and high for both sides.  This will work on all 600rr's/1000rr's US and EURO.  If you have another model that uses H7 headlight bulbs and would like the same function please let us know.  If you have a different type bulb for low and high please let us know.   We only have this option available using our 50watt pure white 5k output for the led's.  Video install below.  If you have questions please let me know. 

Updated pictures show our new black housing so these will be known as Black gold led's.

Dual LED's will give you a better light output having both lights on at the same time while maintaining your high beam to use on those dark roads.  Instant on and give you less power draw than HID's and less issues to worry about with the ballast and the bulb. 

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Install Video

Road test



Low beam with Dual Led's.

High beam with Dual Led's

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