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Cruise control unit that will replace the stock bar end and internals with our own internals and bar end coated to match the stock one. "Cruise control bar end does not have a hole in the end of it."

Video shows removal of stock bar end and internals and installation of new internals and bar end. Basic tools needed. No permanent mods, can be removed and stock internals / bar end can be installed. You receive one bar end and internals per order. The newly designed cruise control does not have rubber internals.  This will give you a much faster way of attaching to clip on.  Install is the same just using different material to make install easier. 

When putting the bar end on the internals you want the set screw to be on the smooth part.  You can tighten the set screw till it touches the smooth part of the internal and then back it off just slightly.  The threads on the internals will keep the bar end from backing out and falling off while riding.  Make sure to use loctite on the set screw.


If you do not see your bike listed please email us.  We can do a number of bikes Especially Hondas.  They typically have the same internals just different size bar ends. 

Please do not purchase/install this product unless you are aware of what this does. This will allow your throttle to be set at a speed you select and will remain at that speed until you force throttle closed or loosen the bar end causing throttle to close.

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Review/demo of product in use. Thanks MonkeyShinesG2

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